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"Practice like you've never won, Perform like you've never lost."

When I was born, I cried, and I started throing my legs and arms, my mom said I will become a dancer or musician, so everybody does that at the time of birth But the luckiest gets the change to  get into this celestial world of music or dance. I was one of them. I believe all souls should get atleast one change to explare himself/herself as a musician or a dance. It brings beauty in their thoughts, helps in body-mind coordination. Develops an open-minded approach and aids multidimensional learning. It results in creating several interests, being focused and enables one to use time wisely. It helps to appreciate the value of mental and physical health, to respect and appreciate talent or trials of others, understand love and empathy. It nurtures confidence and commitment towards responsibilities, Imagine the world with people who are nurtured with the beauty coming out of their soul, where natural music and rhythm lives.