About Us

Our Inspiration


Shri Ram Kishore Sardaji was an industrialist, philanthropist and educational visionary, who firmly believed that a great school is one in which children come willingly because learning is a joyful and fun- filled process, which allows a person to grow as a holistic being. A school allows one to be creative and logical, thinking as well as feeling by resorting to an optimum mix of academics and activities. Affordability and Quality are the pillars and values of the spiral around which our schooling should be based.

The school should cater to the diverse learning needs of pupils by catering to their different senses and learning styles. It must use the maximum integration of technology to disseminate knowledge and make schooling and valuable experience. With its team of qualified, energetic, efficient and vibrant staff, the school should endeavour to ensure that every child walking out of school is a well-rounded person, reflecting ancient Indian values with high degree of adaptability to modern life and living styles. These individuals would help India to become a superpower.