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Annual Report

Annual report  of the School.

(Academic session 2018-19)

I proud to  announce  that this year  passed was exciting and rewarding for the school in terms  of Academics  and the performances in other  extra curricular  activities.


Faculty : Our teachers and admin staff  are carefully selected from all over India as we believe in diversity. They are  working tirelessly to mould our students  to work hard to make their dreams and aspirations come true. Staff enrichment programme, staying  updated is the key to success in any field, especially  in the field  of education. Our teachers  constantly strive to stay updated, by attending workshops and various training programme.


All Round development :

Our school believes that Education process should be aimed at the all-round development of our children in terms of BODY, MIND, SPIRIT and SOUL. To achieve this we have well laid out plan:

BODY: for the growth of body we have complete laid out curriculum for sports, games, yoga and other physical activities under the guidance of trained sports teacher.

MIND: for the growth of mind we have well thought teaching strategies of various subjects which develop their critical thinking and creativity.

SPIRIT: we have incorporated different programme in our teaching where children learn to cooperate with each other, learn compassion and empathy.

SOUL: ‘apne aap se sanvad’ for this a child needs to talk to oneself, on the arrival at school all children sit for the Meditation in complete silence with some meditation music along with the teachers. In the beginning they may not concentrate but sitting in silence is the beginning of introspection, essential to nurture the soul.

External Exams :

We at RKSVA not only conducts internal exams to strengthen the learning of students, but it also provides  opportunities  to assess  students understanding by conducting  external exams  like  ASSET  and OLYMPIADS



School cinema :

This year  we have  also started a programme of School cinema. It is a film  based  module that  makes  learning lessons of life  an entertaining experience. It  reaffirms life skills and values for students, parents and  educators through award winning films and engaging  activities. In this programme  children have been shown some carefully selected movies that will be followed by worksheet  in which  children will respond  to the questions based on their understanding  to develop their  different  skills such as  social, cultural and emotional skills apart from listening and writing skills. It will also inculcate the values like compassion, sympathy, empathy etc. 


We have also started LEAD and Indiation programme  by skillsphere education Mumbai. It is a holistic  skill  set development programme that focuses  on developing essential  skills in 4 major focus areas – leadership, expression, awareness and diplomacy. It teaches children  the art of public speaking and expression, team work  skills  basic conflict resolution, societal and general  knowledge  etc.


Story Wallahs


Another very exciting  and much appreciated programme  we had started this year is story wallah where  their  trainer had come to the school  and conducted  a session of students, teachers and even a special  session for the parents. It was very entertaining session for kids to hear beautiful stories  with puppets sounds and actions, students were also taught  the art of story writing.


Robonite  - Robotics and stem education programe


It is rightly said that if a child cant  learn the way we teach, may be we should  teach the way they learn.


Robotics  and STEM  education now became  the  part of  our curriculum  from this session. Robonite’s hands on learning solution  help students bridge the gap between key theoretical concepts and their real world  applications. This concepts  is being  used by globally leading  teaching institutions  such as carengie Mellon, MIT and Tufts.


For us school is out learning is in. Here we revive  our curriculum, assessment of students learning is on going  process, reviewing rewards, building skills in teachers is an ongoing process.


We believe and practice activity based and experiential learning for this purpose we have  designed  in our academic  calendar Subject Week  like :


English week : - From 9th July to 16th July, this week had many new activities, language  based games, competitions for all classes and was meant  for the children to explore different  facts of English.


Maths week:-  From 7th August to 11th August, this week made the students apply the rules  of maths  in day to day life  and in various different  ways through different  activities.


Hindi week :- From 10th to 14th September, this week was again a language enhancement  week comprising  of various  different  competitions which helped students  to understand Hindi and not  just as a language but as a strong  literature as well.



Science week:- From 26th October to 31st October, this week gave  a platform  to the students  to experiment, explain and make their  own observations through a scientific  reasoning  and view.



Social science  week will be held in the month of January 2019.


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We celebrated National, International days and National festivals  to inculcate social  cultural values to  create awareness.


World health day   was celebrated at RKSVA with a special session been  conducted by Dr. Kamal Rathi with the students.


Earth day  was celebrated on 21st April  with conduction of a special assembly and a poster making competition was held to showcase ideas to save earth.


21st June was celebrated as International Yoga day with special yoga session alongwith regular meditation.


Kabir Jayanti :- A special assembly was conducted on 28th June as Sant Kabir Das Jayanti paying respect to him through his  Dohas and thoughts. 


Kargil day :- 26th July was celebrated as Kargil day with a special assembly conducted in honour of ‘martyrs’ of Kargil through a special drama / skit, speech, poem of  value and courage.


Raksha Bandhan  was celebrated on 25th August through a creative competition of                ‘Rakhi making’ held between students of JKG to Grade VI.



Independence day was celebrated in a very simple manner due to sudden demise of the Governor of Chhattisgarh.


Shri Krishna Janmashtmi was a colourful visual celebration with students dressed up as Lord Krishna and Radha followed by Matkiphod and dance.


Teacher’s day on 5th September was celebrated with a surprise presentation by students of the school through a small drama, song and special dance presentation.


During Cultural  week theme based  ‘ Art competition’ was  organized on different cultural themes for different  classes. This week also included  Navratri  and Dusshera celebration enlighting  the children  about Nav durga’s and reason as to why the day is called Dusshera which was followed with Garba and Dandiya by the students and teacher.


Diwali celebration :- On 3rd November, Deepavali was celebrated in the school with a special assembly comprised of special Pooja, a dance  drama of welcoming  Lord Ram, Sita and laxman from the exile of 14 years which was followed by traditional Rangoli competition.


Children’s day :- A special assembly was conducted by the teachers  which was followed  by a picnic to ‘ Vachan  Dairy farms’  for all the classes from JKG to Class – 6.


On 24th October a special assembly was conducted to respect the U.N.O. day and spread awareness about UNO and its work


Annual sport meet  was organized on 24th November where in many different  races and sports competition were held for all the students from JKG to Class – 6 followed by certificate distribution to the winners.


Constitution Day was recognized and celebrated on 26th November with a special assembly which included a special mini skit spreading awareness  about our constitution and our rights.


5th December is declared as a World Soil Day meant to spread awareness regarding soil erosion and maintain the healthy quality of soil. A special  assembly was conducted where the students performed  an experiment  showing  different  layers of soil and explaining  what soil erosion  is.


Kerala Relief

On 23rd August, RKSVA dispatched  helpful items for the flood affected people of Kerala. This was possible only due to humongous support of the parents, students, staff and management.


I believe our children will learn that there is a lot that they have to  know to be part of the coming years. They will learn in an atmosphere where we ever never diminish the dignity of a child. This school has a dream to make positive difference to the lives we touch.

A word for the parents who have entrusted  an apple of their eye to us. He is in good hand the warm friendly stimulating environment of RKSVA will be a place where your child will love to come and be part of the family always.


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If what we teach has nothing  to do with health  and happiness of a child  his sanity  and survival, what  than our education worth. Children  are our strength and inspiration. We trust that we will be send into this world.


Before I sign off I would like all of you to know that todays  programme is carried forward on the young shoulder of 78 children of classes JKG to Class – 6 of  course our little  one from Kindergarten will be  putting together  a small programme  too I hope you have wonderful evening ahead.



Thank you.