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Annual Report

Annual report  of the School.

(Academic session 2019-20)


I am happy to present before you the Annual Report of the school. I am proud to announce that this year was exciting and rewarding for the school in terms of both academics and our performance in extracurricular activities.

Continuing with the previous years. This year too we conducted external exams in the form of

  1. Olympiads - We conducted Olympiads exam for Science, Maths, English and Computer. Where we had remarkable achievements by our students who performed better than before at the external level as well.


  1.  Continuing with the MUN and Indiation programme by skill sphere education Mumbai. It is a holistic skill set development programme that forces on developing essential skills in 4 major focus areas – leadership, expression, awareness and diplomacy.

This year the 3 – day session conducted on practical presentation, confidence building and panel discussion by     hypothetical situations from 8th  to 10th  July’ 2019 & 1 day in November, was conducted, it was mainly focused on practical presentation, confidence building and panel discussion based on hypothetical situations.


School Cinema - Life skills is one of the most challenging aspects to teach children. School Cinema makes it the most entertaining and effective ways of teaching life Lessons. School cinema is also part of our school curriculum. A workshop on school cinema was conducted for our teachers in the month of June. School Cinema incorporates Values, Attitudes and Life Skills education for holistic development of children. It is a structured module, which uses age relevant cinema substantiated with interactive workbooks and suggested activities to teach values and life skills to students. It is a creative way to sensitize kids to content like bullying, racism, body shaming, regional disparity, social inclusion etc.    



  1. RKSVA is continuously working towards developing and improving the understanding and importance of different languages and subjects. For this purpose we have designed in our academic calendar, subject weeks like:



English week –  which was held in July where students were involved in many different language based games and activities like Running to the Board, JAM session, story sequencing, rhymes recitation, debates, story in the pocket and inducing creativity in form of limericks.


Maths week – was held in August, in order to remove fear of maths and create interest among the students towards the subject through activities like maths marathon, maths hurdle and quiz, comical skit and many more were undertaken by students with great enthusiasm.


Hindi week was held in September. This week was meant to show that hindi has been a part of our culture and heritage and is considered to be a very strong and vast literature.


Science week – it was held in November. The students got an opportunity to experiment, explain make their own observations through scientific reasoning and view, by connecting them to their day to day life. Activities like poster making, Quiz, drawing and colouring, making projects and models using best out of waste gave children a chance to practically use their theoretical and conceptual learning.


 Social science week – will be held in the month of January 2020


  1. 1st SMC meeting was held in January chaired by Mrs. Swati Laddha, chairperson of SMC on 19 Jan’2019 in which a detailed discussion of future expansion of school was discussed and deliberated.


  1. Safety and security of its personal and students is the foremost thought of a progressive and responsible institute. A fire drill and training was conducted on 02nd Feb’2019 at the school for all its personnel under the supervision of trained experts from SEML to make all aware about the safety measures to be used during emergency.



  1. Language and Hobby classes – Our school conducted a special English language and enhancement classes from 25 to 29 march with a Moto to induce them to learn tricks of reading and pronunciation through innovative ideas merged with fun, logical and critical thinking.
  2. Teacher’s workshop by Dr. Senthil Kumaran. – 10 – 15 June’2019.

“A teacher is the soul and most important asset of any educational institute.” A teacher’s enrichment program.” Was conducted by Dr. Senthil Kumaran, founder of the Learner’s confluence, Banlagore to well-verse our teachers with the changing trends in education.

  1. Earth Day was celebrated on 19 April with students taking the opportunity to spread the message through a street play and thoughts to save earth and discuss this year’s earth day theme “Save our Species”.
  2. This year the students of classes VI and VII participated in the Intra-school Robotics Competition organized at Bhawan’s R.K. Sarda Vidya Mandir. This was first time where more than 600 children from class VI to Class IX participated.
  3. Our students of Class VII went to Bhawan’s school Raipur to participate in Inter School India Reformation Summit Which was conducted by Skillsphere education Mumbai, In this event our all participant did very well and Mast Aamir Akhatar received the prize and certificate as best performer.
  4. Our students remembered the Martyrs of Kargil on Vijay Diwas, celebrated on 26th July by conducting a special assembly. Apart from the speech and other activities a Mini Skit was presented by Grade VII titled “The Story behind Pokhran 2” which narrated the way in which nuclear testing was planned and conducted.
  5. Rakshabandhan was celebrated on 14 August by making the best knot of protection we call Rakhi.
  6. Independence Day 15 August embedded in the fragrance of freedom, the Independence Day was celebrated with vigour, flavors of patriotism and enthusiasm. The students gave some astonishing performances through various dances which also included a skit on Dandi March by Gandhiji and a small play on the recent success achieved on the Chandrayan Mission 2.


  1. Janmashtami at RKSVA on 23rd August was a coloured visual celebration with students of primary dressed up as Lord Krishna and Radha followed by Matki phod and dance.


  1. On 5th September, The Teacher’s Day was celebrated in honour of Dr. Sarwapalli Radha Krishanan, with a surprise presentation by students through dance, song and beautiful titles designated by the students for all the teachers.


  1. Cultural week was held in month of October. Various forms of art, dance and music activities were held for students to develop their creative expression.
  2. Dusshera Celebration – Navratri and Dusshera was celebrated on 3rd October beginning with Pooja of Goddess Parvati extended by a short play based on “Sita Haran” by Primary wing followed by Dandiya Raas.


  1. Storywallah session: "The art of story telling is one of the most effective tools of creative learning and understanding".A 2-day workshop was organized from 18 to 19 October 2019 By Ms Nupur Agarwal from Storywallaha Bangalore for the three most important elements of a school - the parents, the teachers and the students which covered topics like - spin a tale ,voice modulation, language development,sounds,rhythm,repetition in the story,importance of story telling and how story telling can be used as effective learning tool.
  2. Deepavali – was celebrated in the school with a special assembly comprising of pooja, dance, songs which was extended by Rangoli competition.
  3. Children’s Day – A special Assembly conducted by the teachers which was followed by a picnic to “The Jungle Safari” for all classes from JKG to class VII.

It is our constant endeavour to instill values of honesty integrity and open mindedness to make our children icons of tomorrow