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R K Sarda Vidya Ashram, is an educational initiative of Shri Ramkisore Sarda Seva Trust. The trust holds the firm belief that children are the true asset of any nation.

We aim to nurture children as uniqure, thinking individuals by providing them an opportunity to explore and experiment in a safe environment, allowing them to ask questions and seek answers, helping them to imbibe tradtional values, good habits and self-discipline. We focus on developing thinking skills and a research temperament, this will prepare them to face rapid challendges of our time and be ready to embrace the changes with an open mind. Our students will be rooted to reality but with wings to help them soar into the vast horizons as global citizens of future.

Our school give prime importance to the Infrastructure, as it is important for the overall development of the child. The school has a campus of 4.5 acres comply with the norms and standards of CBSE.