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The idea of setting up R K Sarda Vidya Ashram came to my mind due to the values which I gained from my parents and throughmy  interactions in society. This is the second school being set up under the aegis of Shri Ram kishore Sarda Seva Trust. Thefirst school was set up under Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan’s banner. In fact, R K Sarda Vidya Ashram is my dream school which will focus completely on value-based education with its genesis in our Vedic culture. Our school would nurture the potential and innate skills of a child, these skills will be honed and chiselled under the able guidance of the Gurus. Our school would also focus on the overall development of the child to help them become good human beings. The school would also focus upon logical thinking to gain knowledge and seek self-realization, the highest aim of human life. I have a firm conviction that the aim of education should also emphasise on the development of morality..

The learning mode in our school should be inclined to processes and activities which would help children to become loving and caring, develop empathy and consideration for all living beings. The stress of education should not only be to acquire degrees and information, but an attitude to use it wisely in their day to day living throughout their lives. I also believe that the teaching and learning process should not be confined to text books only. The greatest malady in education today is the Guru-shishya relationship which has deteriorated to a large extent. We would try to fulfil this gap by maintaining a good relationship among the teachers, students and parents..