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Indian sages are accepted world over as a treasure trove of knowledge. They always promoted universal brotherhood and unconditional love.
This concept can only be lived when "I" consider myself to be just an insignificant atom in the larger material form. This understanding would make me recognize all as equals. Once "I" forget the fragmentation, my "I" becomes a part of the whole. This concept was simplified in our Vedas with a simple expression "aham brahasmi".

Knowledge of unity alone can dispel ignorance. An educational institution works to create a thinking and feeling temperament, which in turn allows us to seek union with the greater self, teaches us humility and respect which are the hall marks of an educated person.

Therefore, the school chose its logo as "aum aham brahmasmi" - "aum" signifies the individual self/soul, "aham brahmasmi" means I (self/soul) am the Infinite Reality explains the unity of macrocosm and microcosm.
"I" represents the constant, unavoidable, ever present; "Brahma" means ever-full or whole and Asmi means "am". It is a message to accept yourself as you are and improve yourself with your own efforts.

Brahma is the Infinite Reality, the all-encompassing existence in itself; only when the ego dies can this be realized. "I" am not the limited transmigrating ego, the doer and the enjoyer within, and not the body and the mind. Man, alone has the capacity to improve his present state, to guide his future, to enquire and know the truth, and to free himself from the cycle of birth and death through thoughtful meditation

Our school would try to create children who are able to:

  • Think and feel
  • Respect themselves and others
  • Be Humble
  • Make constant effort to improve themselves

As friends and guides the faculty will be with them as a support system to scaffold this growth, which is the aim of all human beings.