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Indian sages are accepted world over as a treasure trove of knowledge. They always promoted universal brotherhood and unconditional love.

This concept can only be lived when “I” consider myself to be just an insignificant atom in the larger material form. This understanding would make me recognize all as equals. Once “I” forget the fragmentation, my “I” becomes a part of the whole. This concept was simplified in our Vedas with a simple expression “aham brahasmi”.

Knowledge of unity alone can dispel ignorance. An educational institution works to create a thinking and feeling temperament, which in turn allows us to seek union with the greater self, teaches us humility and respect which are the hall marks of an educated person.

Therefore, the school chose its logo as “aum aham brahmasmi”- “aum” signifies the individual self/soul, “aham brahmāsmi” means I (self/soul) am the Infinite Reality explains the unity of macrocosm and microcosm.

“I” represents the constant, unavoidable, ever present; “Brahma” means ever-full or whole and Asmi means “am”. It is a message to accept yourself as you are and improve yourself with your own efforts.

Brahma is the Infinite Reality, the all-encompassing existence in itself; only when the ego dies can this be realized. “I” am not the limited transmigrating ego, the doer and the enjoyer within, and not the body and the mind. Man, alone has the capacity to improve his present state, to guide his future, to enquire and know the truth, and to free himself from the cycle of birth and death through thoughtful meditation.

Our school would try to create children who are able to:

  1. Think and feel
  2. Respect themselves and others
  3. Be Humble
  4. Make constant effort to improve themselves

As friends and guides the faculty will be with them as a support system to scaffold this growth, which is the aim of all human beings.

Martin Luther King Jr. once said, "Intelligence plus character— that's the goal of true education"


R K Sarda Vidya Ashram, is an educational initiative of Shri Ramkishore Sarda Seva Trust. The trust holds the firm belief that children are the true asset of any nation. We aim to nurture children as unique, thinking individuals by providing them an opportunity to explore and experiment in a safe environment, allowing them to ask questions and seek answers, helping them to imbibe traditional values, good habits and self -discipline. We focus on developing thinking skills and a research temperament, this will prepare them to face rapid challenges of our times and be ready to embrace the changes with an open mind.

Our students will be rooted to reality but with wings to help them soar into the vast horizons as global citizens of future. Our school is a coeducational day school, which will be affiliated to C.B.S.E (Central Board of Secondary Education). It is spread over an area of 4.5 acres with eco-friendly surroundings. The school will encourage students to develop holistically by integrating sports, hobby activities, community service, special day celebrations, excursion and field trip etc. This year, the school will run classes from JKG to Class VI. Adding one class every year, over a period of 5 years, we would become a full-fledged Senior Secondary school.


Resources are essential tools for modern day learning processes and growth. Please review the sections below to get a realistic insight into the infrastructure and facilities we provide on our campus in detail.



Ram Kishore Sardaji was an industrialist, philanthropist and educational visionary, who firmly believed that a great school is one in which children come willingly because learning is a joyful and fun- filled process, which allows a person to grow as a holistic being. A school allows one to be creative and logical, thinking as well as feeling by resorting to an optimum mix of academics and activities. Affordability and Quality are the pillars and values of the spiral around which our schooling should be based.
The school should cater to the diverse learning needs of pupils by catering to their different senses and learning styles. It must use the maximum integration of technology to disseminate knowledge and make schooling and valuable experience. With its team of qualified, energetic, efficient and vibrant staff, the school should endeavour to ensure that every child walking out of school is a well-rounded person, reflecting ancient Indian values with high degree of adaptability to modern life and living styles. These individuals would help India to become a superpower.



The idea of setting up R K Sarda Vidya Ashram came to my mind due to the values which I gained from my parents and through my interactions in society. This is the second school being set up under the aegis of Shri Ram kishore Sarda Seva Trust. The first school was set up under Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan’s banner. In fact, R K Sarda Vidya Ashram is my dream school which will focus completely on value-based education with its genesis in our Vedic culture. Our school would nurture the potential and innate skills of a child, these skills will be honed and chiselled under the able guidance of the Gurus. Our school would also focus on the overall development of the child to help them become good human beings. The school would also focus upon logical thinking to gain knowledge and seek self-realization, the highest aim of human life. I have a firm conviction that the aim of education should also emphasise on the development of morality.

The learning mode in our school should be inclined to processes and activities which would help children to become loving and caring, develop empathy and consideration for all living beings. The stress of education should not only be to acquire degrees and information, but an attitude to use it wisely in their day to day living throughout their lives. I also believe that the teaching and learning process should not be confined to text books only. The greatest malady in education today is the Guru-shishya relationship which has deteriorated to a large extent. We would try to fulfil this gap by maintaining a good relationship among the teachers, students and parents.



"Children must be taught how to think, not what to think."
–Margaret Mead

We at RKSVA believe that our children come with their own experiences and observe various things from nature and society. We focus on their experiences and facilitate learning based on experiential learning. We integrate various subject with previous experiences and knowledge and allow our children see the relevance of what they are learning in real life situations, so apart from classroom teaching we also focus on field trip, project work, practical work etc.

The main idea of our education is to prepare our children to become global citizens of tomorrow, they also need to develop thinking and learning skills such as Critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity. We focus on creating citizens of tomorrow who are sensitive, creative, aware & open-minded and ready to take up any challenges of life with a positive outlook. Millions of jobs will be obsolete in few decades, so we focus to prepare our children to adapt into the changing world scenario. We strive to inculcate in our children values and ethics within a conducive teaching learning environment. We integrate modern technology in education process that we believe cannot replace teacher but enhances the entire education process.

John Dewey said, “Education is not preparation of life; education is life itself.” Learning is a lifelong process, so our students and teachers strive to exceed their own expectation. Our focus is holistic education of children, which include the growth of mind, body and spirit.

Our curriculum gives a balanced importance to academics, computers, physical education, yoga and performing and visual arts, and integrates them with each other in a planned manner. Thus, the students learn a subject through different techniques: geographical landforms through art on the computer and clay models or cycles of the moon through a dramatic enactment. Each classroom has Smart Board technology supported by NIIT ICR Nguru making teaching and learning a richer experience. We will continue to foster a learning community that embraces diversity and deeply committed to the ideals of intellectual inquiry, ethical principles and socially responsible behaviour.

Help your child to experience this exuberance and joy by choosing us to be a part of her/his journey.

With hope that together we may create a happy association.

By education, we must mean an all around drawing of the best in child and man, in body, mind & spirit.

~ Mahatma Gandhi


R K Sarda Vidya Ashram aims to be an institution of academic excellence for holistic development of a child. We provide education to help every child recognises her/his potential, aptitude and skills. This would help nurture creativity and leadership which is necessary for survival and life. We aim to provide a conducive environment to nurture children to achieve the highest level in academic and personal growth. The School believes in fostering a sense of individual responsibility, self-discipline and values to become a good human being. Our focus is to make the students competent enough to face the challenges of life boldly. Our focus is to create good citizens who would contribute to the nation building. Our broader objective is to create holistic individuals with strength of character, compassionate heart, creative mind strong character, critical and logical thinking.