About Us

Vision & Mission


RK SARDA VIDYA ASHRAM strives to be an effective and exemplary educational Institution in ensuring all-round development of students, and to instill pride and confidence in parents about the students' learning, progress and future success.


I. To identify and unleash every individual's potential to make a difference to the community they serve, by being a life long learner.

II.To build on the strengths and talents in each student, which can translate into avenues of achievement that will benefit the individual and society.

III. To continuously endeavour in setting new benchmarks in curricular and extracurricular activities by adding to the knowledge, skills and understanding of its students, teachers, support and office staff, parents and management. We will utilize training inputs in all areas and seek better outcomes.


I. Staying at the forefront in terms of the learning experience. Our RKSVA dynamic curriculum will ensure every student's potential unfolds and create opportunities for them to flourish.

II. Focus on updation of our team's capabilities. Through continual learning practices, our team will ensure contemporary practices for implementing RKSVA curriculum.

III. We will ensure effective utilization of all school resources for enhancing the educational experience of every child.

IV. To engage with all stakeholders especially with the parents in line with RKSVA curriculum framework and pattern.

V. To ensure continual improvement of all the school practices for enhancing satisfaction of all stakeholders.


A set of core values inspires us to frame our agenda and vigorously implement it in our day to day.

I. Collaboration, compassion & commitment.

II. Respect towards our national heritage - natural and cultural.

III. Outlook of welcoming acceptance and non-discrimination towards anyone's background - regional, religious, linguistic etc.

IV. Spiritual (faith in God).

V. Sense of individual and social purpose and responsibility.

VI. Pursuit of excellence