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R K Sarda Vidya Ashram, is promoted by Shri Ramkishore Sarda Seva Trust with firm belief that children are our great assets for the nation. In our school, we train the children by inculcating our traditional values, good habits and logical understanding to face the challenges of 21st century. Our school shall be coeducation day school, which will be affliated to C.B.S.E (Central Board of Secondary Education). This school is spread over an area of 4.5 acres with eco-friendly environment. The school will motivate the children by integrating sports, hobby activities, community service, special day celebration, excursion and field trip etc. We, will be providing the educational facilities for our students from JKG to Class - V and in the next academic year we will extend our Classes till VI. Over a period of 5 years, we will become a full fledged Senior Secondary school. In Senior Secondary level, we will be providing Science and Commerce streams.


Resources are the essential tools for modern day learning process and growth curve. Please review the sections below to have a more pragmatic view on various resources, infrastructure & campus details.



An industrialist, philanthropist and educational visionary, believed a great school is one in which children come willingly because learning is joyful and a fun - filled process, and which tries to develop both sides of the brain in an integrated manner through an optimum mix of academics and activities. Affordability and Quality should be the twin pillars and values must be the spiral around which our schooling should be based. The school should cater to the diverse learning needs of the pupils by catering to their different senses and learning styles. It must use the maximum integration of technology to disseminate knowledge and make schooling and inimitable experience. With its team of qualified, energetic, efficient and vibrant staff, the school should endeavour to ensure that every child walking out of school is a holistic personality imbibed with Indian values and high degree of adaptability, who will contribute to catapulting India into the league of superpowers.


Chairman - School Managing Committee

The brain child of R.K Sarda Vidya Ashram came to my mind based on the values which got imbibed on me from my parents and the society. This is the second school under the aegis of Shri Ramkishore Sarda Seva Trust. The first school started under the banner of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan’s. In fact, R.K Sarda Vidya Ashram is my dream school which will focus totally on value based education with its genesis from our Vedic culture. Our school will ponder upon the innate skill which the child has, but that skill will be properly channelized under the able guidance of the Guru. Our school will also focus on the overall development of the child who will definitely be trained to become a good human being. The school will also focus upon the process of logical thinking for educational knowledge and realisation of truth. I have a firm conviction in my mind that the aim of education should also emphasise on the development of morality.

The training pattern in our school should be for the development of extreme love, empathy and consideration for all living beings. The stress of education is not only to acquire education but acquiring various kind of information, so that this information can be used for practical implementation in day to day life of a child for his/her overall development. I also believe that the teaching and learning process should not be confined to text book only. In fact, this institution will provide a naturalistic outlook of logical thinking in the young mind of the child, so that they think logically and apply systematically. The greatest malady in education today is the Guru shikshak relationship which is vanishing to a very great extend. We will be fulfilling this gap by maintaining a good relationship among the teachers, students and parents.


Principal - R.K. Sarda Vidya Ashram

As we all know and agree that, we all went to school for our formal education. I remember the school days which I spent which was strict and very disciplined environment, fitting for that era. Today as time passed, educating the students also changed with a sporadic pace. The traditional education was based on Gurukul system whereby the student’s sole source of education was through Guru. In modern era, the concept of education totally changed and the prime factor of change is the inuence of technology on education. The technology has its benefits and drawbacks towards the students and education on modern times. In our school, we will focus upon the concept of life building, man making, character building and logical thinking. Today, we visualize around us that schools primarily focus on education which is making children like machines and focus is only to get marks and clear the competitive exams. We will mould the children of our school to identify the interest areas of the child and teach them with the prescribed syllabi.

Secondly, we will focus on the concept of man making to make the child to become good citizen who will contribute for the betterment of the nation. In this, we will imbibe in the child for traditional values and culture, which we inherited from historical past. Thirdly, our stress will be for character making. A good character will only be developed inside the four walls of the school by creating a culture of truth in us. The child who is truthful in his deed and action will always be successful in his future endeavours in spite of all odds. Lastly, we will emphasis on thinking based on logic. The teacher will focus on the teaching pattern whereby the child understand the topic with logic. In fact, the biggest challenge of the teacher will be to motivate the child to think logically while studying. We will introduce smart classrooms whereby various models, diagrams, animations, projects and worksheets will be used. The differential factor of our school will be key emphasis on languages with a great stress on learning of Sanskrit which is the mother of all languages. We will give utmost importance in English learning and communication skills. Our school will be based on our traditional ethos and values with modern blend on education.

By education, we must mean an all around drawing of the best in child and man, in body, mind & spirit.

~ Mahatma Gandhi


R K Sarda Vidya Ashram aims to be an institution of academic excellence for holistic development on the character of a child. We will provide education that will enhance creativity and leadership that is in every child. It is our endeavour to provide environment to nurture all children to achieve the highest level in academic and personal growth. Our school will foster a sense of individual responsibility, self discipline, respect for others and encourage values to become a good human being. Our focus is to motivate the students for undertaking the challenges which will be faced by them in their life. We also want our children to become good individual who could contribute for the betterment of our nation. The objective of our education is to develop the Childs personality, realization of truth, training of the mind and the process of logical thinking for the acquisition of knowledge.